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Ruth Connell kertoo Rowenan ja Crowleyn suhteesta

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Do you think deep down Crowley really does care about Rowena's approval, or is it possibly just another one of his plans to use someone for his own personal gain?

I mean, there must be a reason he just doesn't get rid of her, kill her. There must be something. I even heard Mark Sheppard say that I'm no longer his [Crowley's] mother because he's no longer Fergus. But there is that molecule of humanity in him. You can never quite, even if you extricate yourself from your parents completely, you can never quite forget. I mean, Crowley was pretty upset and angry when he was yelling, "you left me! You put me in a workhouse!" (laughs) I mean, he was pretty upset about that. I think sometimes you're just working through things, it's a process for them and it'll be interesting to see where they land. There's a few twists and turns to come, I can tell you.

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