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Felicia Day palaa sarjaan! Ja paljon muuta.

Felicia Day palaa sarjaan »
Charlie will pop up in the 11th episode of season 8, currently titled "LARP and the Real Girl." As if you don't already know, LARP stands for "live action role playing," something Sam and Dean have encountered before thanks to the fans of the Supernatural book series.
Mahtavaa! Minusta Charlie oli loistotyyppi ja rakastin hänen ensiesiintymistään.

Ja sitten pari haastattelua

Mitä Dean on tajunnut itsestään ollessaan Kiirastulessa? No sen, että kerran metsästäjä aina metsästäjä. Näinhän minä olen aina sanonut »

Jared Padalecki kertoo Samin suhteesta Ameliaan ja Deanin uuteen kaveriin Bennyyn »
In this week's episode, "Blood Brother," Sam finally meets Dean's secret monster friend from Purgatory. If you'll recall, Sam's been in a similar situation, when he developed a morally questionable bond with Ruby while Dean was out of the picture. "[Benny] does have a lot of parallels with Ruby," Jared says. "I find myself in the flip position of where I was four years ago. It provides for a lot of moments between Sam and Dean, of going 'Dude, you said to me what I'm now saying to you in a different situation.' And Ruby was a lot hotter than Benny, so I should've had more understanding from you. Maybe I'm biased," he laughs.

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